Many photographers find their progression leading them towards projects that can tell a more intricate and detailed story. Here I'm going to be to describe some of the projects that I am wanting to developing and to document the process of doing so.

Scenes from a Cemetery

Created on September 17th, 2015

Quite by chance I discovered the graves of my great-great-great grandfparents in Brompton Cemetery in London.  Maria Stow had sailed with her brother Martin in 1823 to Calcutta. on the ship Ganges  She wrote a journal of the voage which has come down to me. 

Her brother worked for the Archbishop of Calcuta but died in Dhaka in present day Bangladesh not long after reaching India.  As a spinster Maria could not  stay in Calcutta and was sent back to England on the Sir David Scott which was an East India Company ship.  The National Maritime Museum kindly sent me a picture of the ship though they had just sold the painitng before I asked them if they knew anything of it. Maria married the ship's doctor Nathaniel Grant on arrival in London.  Sadly, any journal she kept on the...

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