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Miles Flint Photography

Travel came first and at an early age. I had lived in five countries by the time I was ten years old. After school I travelled in the Himalayas before studying Chinese at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. I then went to study in China in the closing years of the Cultural Revolution. My subsequent work took me to every continent except Antarctica. A camera often came too but it was only in 2011 that I decided to focus on becoming a better photographer rather than a ‘ casual travel snapper’. As with many people I’d like my website to showcase my work and to create wider visibility for it. I’d also like to document some of what I have learned over the last few years, insights gained, successes achieved and setbacks encoiuntered. In doing so I hope this website can be valuable to people on simliar or parallel paths.

Like many others I began with the technology and later started to think more deeply about craft, composition and what I am trying to say. I’ve made liberal use of workshops and over time have found myself reading more and more. In the links section I have included connections to many of the people from whom I have learned and whose advice, writing, guidance and insights have been of enormous help. The Travel bug led me to Landscape and “Destination” photography. Over time I have become interested in subjects where Mankind has left traces or presence. Buildings, and architecture have also caught my eye. Travel seems less important and ideas and themes closer to home suggest themselves. I hope there is a good balance between older and more recent work.

These images are my work and my copyright. Please respect this.

If you would like to use tmy work please get in touch via the Contacts page. I’d like to see them used and I’m happy to agree totheir use especially for non commercial work but ONLY if consulted in advance. I am not interested in providing images for free that professionals should righlty be paid for. I’m also willing to make high quality prints for you. I won’t entrust this to anyone else so there is no ‘click and add to cart’ on the site. The lack of a ‘©’ symbol on my images does NOT mean they are copyright free. For further information on copyright please take a look at “

I hope you enjoy the visit and thanks for your interest.